We will let the numbers speak for themselves. Our database is growing every single day

Proprietary filtering functions, target market interests, downloadable landing pages all on a clean, simple interface.

Filter ads by Affiliate Network and Tracking System and instantly view target market interests. WhichAdsWork is your competitive advantage: The information you need, organized so you can use it. Find and download winning ads and landing pages in seconds! Then put your ads on the right Affiliate Networks, using the right Tracking System, and in front of the right consumers. Spy. Save. Succeed.

  • guessing what type of content to create
  • struggling for post/ad ideas
  • wasting time and money going in the wrong direction

Yes, I would like to save thousands on ads and countless hours doing tedious research...

WhichAdsWork Features
WhichAdsWork is the only tool that filters by Affiliate Network and Tracking System. Find a top performing ad and rapidly find out who it targets and discover simple ad reach and engagement analytics.

Successful Affiliate Marketing requires fast and accurate information so your ads are shown to the right consumer segments with the most appealing visuals and the most effective messaging. WhichAdsWork’s unique search features and extensive, expanding database of ads means you have a systematic advantage over competitors.

Yes, Help me eliminate uncertainty and save time and money immediately!

Watch It In Action!
All the tools you need on a simple, straightforward interface.

Real People, Real Results
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Successful marketing requires, time, money, creativity, and lots of information. WhichAdsWork users have the information they need organized the way they need it. Affiliate Network and Tracking System filters, target market interests, and downloadable landing pages. WhichAdsWork takes the guesswork out of selling through advertisements.

"Having WhichAdsWork for competitive intelligence on ecommerce has been a game changer for us. Anyone looking to make the jump into ecommerce should give it a try"

Ben Brown
Founder of B2 Ventures Inc.

"WhichAdsWork is by far our favorite Spy tool for Social ads. Nothing else has even come close in terms of search capabilities, functionality, and up-to-date ads. The amount of value our publishers have derived from this tool is massive, and I’d recommend it to any serious Facebook affiliates.”

Sonny Palta
Founder of AffiliatiNetwork.com

“WhichAdsWork is not just a spy tool, the amount of detail and insights it offers is both priceless and pioneering. With Facebook's ever changing landscape on targeting options, placements and objectives, WhichAdsWork is the 'Edge' we needed.”

Parag Chaubal
Founder of Four Strengths, Inc

Yes, I would like to save thousands on ads and countless hours doing tedious research...


What differentiates you from your competitors?
We have packed our program with as many features as possible, more than any other tool on the market. Some of them being like the ability to filter your ads based on tracking platforms, and even affiliate networks!
Isn't this program against the Terms of Service?
NO! That is another major way we differentiate ourselves from everyone else. We do not use fake accounts, or even click on ads and deliver fake impressions. We have a secret method of gathering analytics without breaking any terms!
How would I use this program to make money?
It's simple, you can eliminate the need to test hundreds of variations of ads, spend thousands on useless traffic by finding already winning ads by your competitors. You can search, find, and spin an already winning ad to crush your competitors.
Can I view who is being targeted by specific ads?
Yes! We go indepth with our demographic targeting. Not only do we display targetting options for simple age, location and sex, but we display targetting options for "Interests" as well.
Are my ads in your database?
Chances are, we have it already in our database, and if we don't our database is growing so fast, that we will very fast.
How can I contact you?
Please send us an email at [email protected]

Yes, I would like to save thousands on ads and countless hours doing tedious research...